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The Great Dane Club of Cleveland was founded in 1939.  Its main objective it to educate the public on the health, welfare, and responsible ownership of our beloved Great Danes.  Through many years of hard work and dedication to the breed, our club has had many Champions and is sponsored by some of the greatest breeders of all time.
Judge Changes:

From the Show Secretary for the Ohio Specialties, 


Please be advised of the following Judge Changes for the Ohio Specialties. 


Saturday's Judge will be Cat Urner from Pennsylvania 

Sunday's Judge will be Ronald Acena from Washington.

Thursday's Sweeps Judge will be Mary Barnett from Indiana

If you need to change your entry, please contact Kathy Baraga ( kbaraga@live.com)

Ohio Specialty Announcement:
All entries for the Ohio Specialty Show will be refunded if we have to cancel. At this time, the show is a GO! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :) We look forward to seeing you all!

The KOA Shelby is looking forward to hosting our Shows.  They have reviewed the protocols we have implemented for Social Distancing within the ring and outside 

the ring and they will comply with theirs.  Any guidelines within the campsite itself will be posted by the Campsite. 


If you are planning on bringing a tent for ringside you will not be able to put them up until the clubs have marked where they can be set.  This will be done with Orange spray paint on the ground.  Tents will be 6 feet apart and no more than 6 people to a tent.  This will be strictly enforced.  

AKC COVID-19 Best Practices
Join us for 
The Annual Ohio Specialties

In Conjunction with Heart of Ohio Great Dane Club

Thursday, June 18 - Sunday, June 21, 2020



Thursday, June 18 - Jim Remaklus

Friday, June 19 - Robin MacFarlane

Saturday, June 20 - Cat Urner

Sunday, June 21 - Ronald Acena

Sweepstakes Judges: 

Thursday, June 18 - Mary Barnett

Friday, June 19 - Angela Remaklus

Saturday, June 20 - Gary Richards

Sunday, June 21 - Matt Boszevich

Entries close Wednesday, June 3, 2020


KOA/ Wagonwheel Campground
6787 Baker 47, Shelby, OH 44875

Show Secretary: 

Kathy Baraga


Here are Preliminary Guidelines put  in place by the Show Secretary for the Ohio Specialty weekend. These guidelines are fluid and can change and be updated as needed. Please visit our website for updates.  Looking forward to seeing our Great Dane Friends.


  1. Tenting and exhibiting:  The ready ring will be increased in size to accommodate social distancing.  Only one class at a time may be in the ready ring. Once that class has been brought into the ring for exhibition the next class may come into the ready ring.  The ring itself will be increased in size not only to help with social distance within the ring but also to accommodate distancing of the tents outside the ring. Each morning and evening the ring equipment will be sanitized

  2. The show secretary will provide each exhibitor a paper bag which will include gloves, mini hand sanitizer and a "Wild West" kerchief to use as a mask if you wish.  

  3.  There will be hand sanitizing stations around the outside of the ring ( little stands with Purrell or hand sanitizer, most likely at each corner of the ring. 

  4. For exhibitor tents, we will ask that for a 6ft distance between and no more than 6-10 people to a tent. 

Also there will be a Division meeting for the 2020 National most likely Saturday  1/2 hour after Breed.

Upcoming Events

June Meeting
No Meeting!
OHIO Specialties
June 18-21, 2020



Secretary: Beth Richardson



Breeder Referral: 

Greg & Gina Griner


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