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Welcome to the Great Dane Club of Cleveland
The Great Dane Club of Cleveland was founded in 1939.  Its main objective it to educate the public on the health, welfare, and responsible ownership of our beloved Great Danes.  Through many years of hard work and dedication to the breed, our club has had many Champions and is sponsored by some of the greatest breeders of all time.
Thank you to all who came to the Ohio Specialties!!
In conjunction with the Heart of Ohio GDC
The Heart of Ohio Shows are Dedicated to the Memory of Linda Ridder
The Great Dane Club of Cleveland is Celebrating its 85th Anniversary and will be Dedicating their Shows in Memory of Jean Highlands
Thursday-Sunday - June 20-23, 2024

To Those Using Social Media We Advise:

The Ohio Specialties in Accordance with AKC will have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior, comments on social media/public forums promoting or criticizing dogs or individuals, interfering with a clubs ability to hold its show, or that bring embarrassment to the AKC. The Code of Sportsmanship is an affirmation of how registrants and participants should behave, and violations will be handled pursuant to the Charter and Bylaws and the Dealing with Misconduct at AKC Events booklet.

Know The Rules

AKC Code of Sportsmanship Applied to Social Media

Effective July 1, 2022, AKC will address all social media complaints, regardless of where the post is made or the content of the post, via the Code of Sportsmanship and Code of Sportsmanship Enforcement Polices

(both are available…/akc-board-administration-policies/).

Event Committees are not to entertain complaints regarding the content of a social media post. Exhibitors should contact the Compliance Department directly ( or 919-816-3546) for questions about how to file such a complaint.

Upcoming Events

July Meeting
July 25, 2024
7:00 pm
Kathy Baraga's House
1256 Nesbitt Rd.
Sagamore Hills,
OH 44067

Public welcome!

Ohio Specialties
See you in June 2025!




Callie Davis-Caffey

Breeder Referral: 

Greg & Gina Griner

Rescue Liaison

Heather Sturdevant

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